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Commercial Collections Lawyers for New York and New Jersey Creditors

Businesses must keep an eye on the bottom line to stay competitive. One-way to do this is having well-drafted credit agreements with your customers that make the collection process a simple one. Another way is to minimize losses through bad accounts. As a commercial creditor, you have an indisputable right to seek payment on outstanding debts; however, there are a variety of New York and New Jersey state and federal laws that regulate collection activity. At Mackiewicz & Associates, we know all about the commercial collection laws and have the experience and resources to efficiently and effectively collect accounts that are due and owing.

When a creditor retains us, we fully consider the wide variety of collection techniques available. Possible strategies range from simply calling the debtor on the telephone - to engaging a collection agency - to filing a lawsuit. We can help you decide which course of action to pursue, taking into consideration:

  1. the relative cost of the collection method,
  2. the effectiveness of the collection method,
  3. the amount of the debt,
  4. Your business history with the debtor, and
  5. the legal parameters of what you can and cannot do.

Each business and every debt situation is different. We will help you determine the most effective means to recover what is rightly yours.

We Take our Commercial Collection Cases on a Mixed Fee or Contingent Fee Basis

We handle our collection cases on either a mixed fee or a contingent fee basis in all local jurisdictions in New York and New Jersey. In addition, we have links with attorneys in all states when debtors are located elsewhere. In a mixed fee situation, our hourly rate is substantially reduced, as is the contingent portion of the recovery. Also, the contingent portion is applied after you are reimbursed all your out of pocket expenses including the legal fee paid. Where a contingent fee is applied the fee is one-third of all sums we are actually successful in collecting for our clients. Court costs, sheriffs' fees and process server fees are billed separately and are not on a contingent basis.

Hire an Experienced Commercial Collections Attorney

We know what it takes to run a business in New York, and New Jersey and because of that, we understand the complex issues involved in commercial collections. If your accounts aren't being paid, you should contact an experienced commercial collections lawyer.

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